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tired feet

TLC for Tired Toes

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Feet: where you go, they go, and they take a lot of physical abuse doing it. On an average day, your walking will put a force equivalent to hundreds of tons on your feet.You can rejuvenate your tired toes using pedicure, and for this, you can visit a spa or do it right in your home. The good thing about pedicure is that it is not just your feet that will feel better, but your whole body as well. Estimates by American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) put the percentage of women who opt for at-home pedicures at 25%. A further […]
Beautiful Smooth Feet

How to Get Super Soft Beautiful Feet

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Are you suffering from calluses or corns? Would you like to get rid of the hard skin on your skin and attain soft and beautiful feet? Calluses are hard patches of skin, which usually form on the toes, heel and balls of your feet, but can also be found on the knuckles and the hands. They form as a defensive mechanism for protecting the skin against blistering or damage. They are mostly caused by tight ill-fitting shoes and thus likely to rub against your skin creating friction. Women’s High-heel shoes are the worst offenders in this case, especially if you […]