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Electric Callus Remover by Foot Love

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Callus Remover Red side view

Hello my Elisabeth Santos and I have been asked by Talisman Retail and Foot Love to review their electric callus remover. I hope to give an honest and impartial review.

Firstly I want to talk about the whole callus treatment business, because that is what it has become. Back in the old days you simply got hold of a pumice stone and rubbed your feet until the problem was gone or the pain was too great to continue. It seems like in the 12-18 months the market has been flooded with new and wonderful treatment for solving this rather simple problem and to be accurate they are not really calluses but hard skin. Many people, in fact probably the majority of adult have the problem some just live with it, some make regular trips to the salon or podiatrist others turn to retail solutions like electric callus remover from companies like Foot Love, Amobe and Care Me.

So I suppose the question is which is the best treatment, for me I would say a regular trip to your podiatrist will give you the best results, the only drawback is that this can be expensive and is not always convenient. My local podiatrist is also very busy, often with elderly patients and getting an appointment can be a problem, especially if you need treatment quickly.

I have come up with a solution that works great for me, some time ago I bought a battery powered callus remover and have been using that in between trips to the podiatrist or even the pedicure salon. The product I bought wasn’t actually the Foot Love electric callus remover it was one sold by Amazon under the Amobe brand. So for me and what I recommend to my friends is to buy one of these devices for interim use, that way your feet always remain smooth and beautiful. I even take mine to the beach as I find exposure to sand and sea water often dry out hard skin and it needs removing.

Foot Love Electric Callus RemoverOkay so you need one of these devices and what they cost it’s not a big deal, at the time of writing they are around $40. This brings me nicely to the Foot Love device, let’s start by stating treating calluses and hard skin is not a big deal most of the treatments on the market do the job, it’s just that some are more convenient than others. So as I said I already had a device which was battery powered when I was asked to review the Foot Love product. I’m not going to tell you the Foot Love device outperformed the other one by a country mile (they’re not paying enough for that), the simple truth is both devices did the same job equally well.

The reason I chose the Foot Love device was again convenience, being rechargeable made a big different, one that did not occur to me prior to using it. The battery device was good but there was always the worry that the batteries were not at full power, also in my case AA batteries in my house are in short supply and are often swapped out (secretly) by individuals requiring them for remote control toys, torches TV remotes etc.

I was also impressed with the Foot Love returns policy, basically a 90 day “no questions asked” plus a life warranty also made it stand out from many similar devices. When I registered for the warranty I was also added to their mailing list which means I will be getting early access to new products and greatly reduced prices (some are even free). I also noticed discounted replacment heads, so all-in-all for a small business they are really going all out to provide the highest level of customer service which for me they should be rewarded for.

I do of course realise this review is to be posted on the Foot Love website but it is accurate and honest, so if you want buy one click the link below to be taken to Amazon.com.

Foot Love Electric Callus Remover – Beautiful Baby Smooth Feet in Minutes!

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