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At Foot Love we don’t like to stand still even though we are only a small family business we are constantly looking at ways to improve our products. As many of you are aware callus removers similar to ours are available under different brands so we have taken steps to make ours even better.

We pride ourselves on customer statisfaction, I personally handle all customer issues and go out of my way to make sure my customers are happy. We offer the best 90 day moneyback guarantee and a real lifetime warranty.

We also work very closely with our factory to ensure product quality with independent in-production inspections and full pre-shipment inspections.

So how have we made a good product even better? First of all we listened to our customers, some people with particularly bad feet asked if there was an extra coarse grinding head available for the Callus Remover so we added one in the box. So the Foot Love Electric Callus Remover now comes will 3 grinding heads in the box – 2 normal heads and one extra coarse.

We will be selling the extra coarse head seperately as soon as more stock arrives.

The most important change and one the most of our customers have asked for is a case for their product so we went ahead and designed a case for our product. This is not just any case or bag but one that has been specifically designed for the Foot Love Callus remover and it’s accessories. See the images below – more images on our amazon page – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SMHIVQS.

We feel, with our new case and extra grinding heads along with great customer service provided by me!, that our electric callus remover represents the best option on amazon for this type of product and I will back it up with a “no questions asked” 90 day moneyback guarantee along with our lifetime warranty.

Of course these extras do come at a cost and although we have made every effort to keep the costs low the normal price has had to go up, but from the feedback we have received so far it is still great value. 

So if you are searching for a great gift look no further and click this link http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SMHIVQS and use the above code, our callus remover is available in red(pink) and blue.

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