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5 best callus treatments


What is a Callus?

beautiful feetA callus is an affection of the skin. Due to irritation, pressure, or repeated friction the skin becomes thick, hard, and relatively dry. Calluses are most often found on feet, since repeated contact is required for callus forming. They appear because of foot issues such as fallen arches or just because of frequent walking. Even if calluses are generally not harmful, sometimes they may lead to other problems, such as burning pain, skin infection or ulceration.


There are several ways to remove calluses as well as to remove dry dead skin from your feet. Callus treatment can really improve how you feel by taking care of your feet. When dealing with calluses issues it is recommended to never try to remove them by slicing or cutting them. This poses a great risk of infection and besides that there are less painful and easier ways to treat a callus.

 1. Soaking your feet

The most simple treatment measure you can apply for your calluses is regularly soaking your feet. This can be a great way to moisturize the hard and dry skin, ease the pain of calluses, and relieve tired feet. Just use a bowl of warm water where you have added various additional ingredients such as Epsom salts. The salts will help scrub your callus away after the warm water softens your skin. You may also use one of those fancy foot spa gizmo.

A 30 minutes bath in chamomile tea can also be used to soak and soften your hard skin and calluses. Or you can make a solution with warm water and 3 tablespoons of backing soda and use it to soak your affected area for around 30 minutes. This will help the healing process after dissolving the dead skin.

Another soaking treatment solution can be made up at home from a bread slice soaked for about 10 hours in apple cider vinegar, until it forms a past. You can apply this paste on the callus before going to bed and secure it with a bandage then wrap it in a plastic bag. Remove it in the morning after soaking your foot overnight.

2. Scrubbing

Scrubbing can also help remove your callus. You may use a pumice stone or a foot file in order to rub the calluses away. Scrubbing is best to be done only at the end of a shower or bath or only after you have soaked your feet. The warm water will soften your feet and removing the callus by scrubbing will become easier. Scrubbing your callus should be done by rubbing your feet with a circular and vigorous motion. Dip your feet back into the water and rinse your feet often if you have a heavy buildup of calluses. Also, in order to get the pumice stone wet again rinse it often and remove the dead skin. For the best results scrub your callus until the skin turns pink. Another good method to scrub away calluses is to walk barefoot on a wet sandy beach.

3. Salicylic acid treatments

One of the methods of callus treatment is applying various types of medicated products that chemically remove the dead thickened skin. Many of these medical products for callus treatment are available over the counter for use as home remedies. They all are based on the same salicylic acid active ingredient. Salicylic acid has the property to be a keratolytic, which means it is able to dissolve the keratin protein that makes up thick and the corn layer of dead skin. These products, if used as indicated on the package directions are safe and gentle for most people suffering from calluses. Salicylic-acid treatments come in different forms such as plasters, pads, drops, and applicators. All of these treatments will make the corn protrude and hurt less by allowing the dead tissue to be trimmed away.

However, products based on the salicylic acid are not recommended to be used by those people who suffer from diabetes. They are also not good to be used when there is poor circulation or frail skin. Application of salicylic acid products in these situations can potentially lead to ulcer formation on the skin.

4. Health care professional treatment

If the callus doesn’t respond to trimming and salicylic acid treatment, you may consider seeing a podiatrist or general physician who can use scalpels to physically pare corns. Surgical removal of calluses and corns may become necessary if other treatments don’t give the expected results. However, you need to be aware of the fact that when a corn is surgically removed, it may come back if the pressure that caused it to form in the first place is not as well removed or reduced. When necessary, surgery for corns and calluses may also involve correcting any deformity that is causing friction or undue pressure on the skin, or shaving the underlying bone.

Podiatrists may also recommend some orthotic devices that are customized to fit people in order to redistribute their weight on their feet while walking. These orthotic devices ensure that pressure from the foot bones will not focus on your corns and calluses while you walk.

A health-care professional may also prescribe antibiotics treatment for infected calluses. If your callus shows any signs of infection you should seek immediate medical care. Infected calluses lead to redness, swelling, presence of pus or other drainage, and increasing pain.

5. Electric Callus Remover

keep calm and get beautiful feetToday, electric callus removers have become more popular then ever before. A Foot Love Rechargeable Electric Callus Remover  might be your best solution for callus treatment.

Professionally designed devices like the Foot Love Rechargeable Electric Callus Remover works faster, is simpler, and does not pose any risks of side effects. An electric callus remover can help you can keep your feet sleek and smooth and with hardly any effort. With this convenient device all you have to do is to simply press gently the electric callus remover against your callus and watch it vanish. After a treatment with the rechargeable electric callus remover your feet will become smooth as silk from heel to toe.

 Foot Love Electric Callus Remover - Beautiful Baby Smooth Feet in Minutes!

The Foot Love handheld device is lightweight, easy to use, and safe. It works with rechargeable batteries for your maximum convenience. Many people have found that an electric callus remover is the best way to achieve soft and beautiful feet in the comfort of their home, without the expense and time associated with regular spa visits. The electric callus removers available on the market today require very little effort and can create wonderful results. the Foot Love Electric Callus Remover is available now online at Amazon.com.

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